The SCB-H is a solar-powered LED lamp: during the day, the SCB-H battery is recharged through solar energy via four photovoltaic panels. The capacity of the batteries and the characteristics of the solar panels ensure that the SCB-H can operate efficiently even in conditions of low irradiation for long periods.

The main parts of which the SCB-H is composed are:

  • Main body which consists of an aeronautical aluminum alloy structure with frangibility points;
  • Transparent polycarbonate dome, which protects the LEDs and the antenna;
  • Electronics, consisting of:
    • Printed circuit that controls the parameters of the lights;
    • The module for RF data communication between the various lights and the external control unit;
  • 2V lead acid battery with AGM technology;
  • Four 14V and 3W solar panels (with irradiation of 1000W / sqm).
  • External charging connector;
  • Manual on / off switch for maintenance activities.
  • Reset button, for maintenance activities
  • Led for battery status indication
  • Led to indicate data transmission in progress
  • Antenna for data communication to / from the central unit
  • Device height 24 cm

The SCB-H Light is supplied in 5 main configurations:

  • SCB-H/GW Equipped with a green omnidirectional LED for TLOF functions and a high efficiency directional white LED for the flood lighting function
  • SCB-H/G Equipped with a green omnidirectional LED, for TLOF functions
  • SCB-H/W Equipped with a white omnidirectional LED, for FATO functions
  • SCB-H/B Equipped with a blue omnidirectional LED, for taxiway edge functions
  • SCB-H/R Equipped with a red omnidirectional LED, for the obstacle light functions