The SCB-H light is a wireless solar led light to provide easily installed, removable ad low-cost visual aids for heliports, without any needs of external energy, cabling or site preparation. During the day, the SCB-H battery is charged by sunlight via the four photovoltaic panels. The capacity of its battery and the performances of the panels ensures that, even with low sunny levels for long periods, the SCB can operate efficiently. 

The SCB-H lights can be assembled in several configurations of different light typology (omnidirectional or directional) and color (green, white, blue), according to their operational use in the heliport:

  • FATO
  • TLOF
  • TLOF + area lighting
  • Taxiways edge (ONLY when heliport/helipad is located inside an airport area)

The SCB-H is composed of the following parts:

  1. Main body consisting of an aeronautical aluminum alloy structure with points of frangibility;
  2. Transparent polycarbonate dome, which includes, depending on the required configuration, high efficiency omnidirectional lamps and/or directional lamps of different colors;
  3. The electronics, located inside the dome, which includes:
  • printed circuit board which controls the parameters of the lights;
  • the Zigbee module for bidirectional RF data communication between the different lights and the external control unit;
  • sensors (eg. Light, Vertical Inclination, power consumption, etc.)
  1. 12V AGM lead battery;
  2. Four 14V, 2.5W Power solar panels (with radiation power 1000W/sqm);
  3. External recharge connector;
  4. Power On-off switch for maintenance purpose.






The SCB-H/W is the SCB-H light configured with an omnidirectional LED, white color, suitable for FATO function.











The SCB-H/G is the SCB-H light configured with an omnidirectional LED, green color, suitable for TLOF function.










The SCB-H/GW is the SCB-H light configured with one omnidirectional green LED and one directional white LED, suitable for TLOF + area lighting function, respectively.










The SCB-H/B is the SCB-H light configured with one omnidirectional blue LED, suitable for taxiway edge.