The GPI (Glide Path Indicator) is a luminous radiator, with a beam of 3 colors (red, green, amber) and meets the standard for both land and naval airport or heliport operations.

It is normally positioned in the landing direction, facing the arrival of the aircraft, and is adjusted to have a vertical beam angle depending on obstacles or operational requirements.

The GPI consists of a projector installed on a 3-leg platform to allow quick and easy positioning of the system.


It is powered by a solar energy system (through the Solar Kit).

The PGPI meets the IP67 environmental protection standard.



The projector emits a pyramidal beam of light:

On the vertical plane, the beam is subdivided in three contiguous sectors of different colours, as follows:

(1) - upper sector = yellow light = 5 ° ± 10%;

(2) - medium sector = green light = 2 ° ± 10%

(3) - lower sector = red light = 5 ° ± 10%

The intensity of the light in each sector is:

- 260 cd yellow light

- green light 150 cd

- red light 100 cd.

The aforementioned intensity values allow the acquisition of the signal at a distance of not less than 6,000 meters, at night, in good weather conditions.