The SCB-H/R light is powered by a battery that is recharged with solar energy through four panels positioned on the external box during the phase of use in the open air (obviously with sufficient solar lighting). The solar panels are oriented in such a way as to guarantee the optimal receptivity of the light to recharge the batteries; this allows you to extend the battery charge time to several days of operation. The lighting of the light at night is switched on through a special twilight sensor.

The SCB-H/R is also equipped with a connector that allows it to be recharged by means of a special battery charger, during the non-use phase. The SCB-H/R has an on / off switch that allows the lamp to be powered.

  • Anodized aluminum body, resistant to vandalism and corrosion (even in saline environments).
  • AVIO Yellow RAL 1023 color
  • Transparent dome in UV resistant polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 300x300x240 mm
  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • IP67 environmental resistance
  • Operating temperature -20 ° C- + 50 ° C
  • Fixing by resting on the ground for temporary installations
  • Fixing with breakable fixing kit, 4 screws (one on each side), for fixed installations
  • Characteristics of the lights:

o red LED

o Life: 50,000 hours minimum

o Autonomy: no less than 100 hours without recharging

  • 4 solar panels with 3 W power and 1000W / m2 irradiation inclined for greater absorption
  • 12V, 14A / h, AGM Lead battery
  • On / off switch
  • Connector for charging via battery charger














The Obstruction light (OBL) is one configuration of the SCB light, used for night time signaling of obstacles which could affect human safety.

The OBL can be mounted on buildings, cranes, fummels, bridges, etc.

The OBL can also be used to mark areas of the airports with traffic restrictions, due to accidents, work in progress, apron maintenance, etc.

OBL, in its standard version, operates in an automatic On/Off mode, controlled by a twilight switch.

Bi-directional RF communication for light control and status monitoring can be provided on request (option).




The OBL does not need external power to operate, and it gets power from proper batteries, which are recharged by the solar light. The main characteristics of the OBL are:

  • Main body made of an aeronautical aluminum alloy structure with points of frangibility;
  • Transparent polycarbonate dome, which includes one red color high efficiency omnidirectional Light Emitting Diode (LED);
  • 4 photovoltaic panels mounted on the sides;
  • Height of the device 34.5 cm.

During the day, the OBL is charged by sunlight. The capacity of its battery ensures that, even with low light levels for long periods, the OBL can operate efficiently. 

The OBL lamp is fixed to the structure by means of an appropriate fixing kit; according to the application, the kit can be provided complying with frangibility rules, and consisting of a cross plate and calibrated rupture screws passing through the anchoring slots arranged at the base of the aluminum alloy structure of the light.





Physical Details

Anodised aluminium body, resistant to vandalism and corrosion (even in saline atmosphere)


Dome: Transparent and UV resistant polycarbonate

Size: 345x345x347

Water Resistance

Level IP67

Operating Temperature

From -20°C to +50°C

LED Light source

1.8W LED red omnidirectional )360° coverage on the horizontal plane)

LED Light life

50,000 hours

Photovoltaic Panels

Four, 5W power Solar Panels with 1000W/sqm of radiation


12V, 9Ah AGM lead

Automatic Mode

Twilight Auto Power On/Off